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We are the Premier Home Painting contractors in Arlington VA and Alexandria VA Area:

There’s a reason why we are the most trusted house painters in Northern VA, Washington DC and Maryland. Our staff is trained to make your painting dreams come true.

When you hire Shulton Painting & Drywall Co. to paint the interior or exterior of your house or business, we try to make the process as painless for you as possible. Remember, whether you’re only painting one room of your home or painting the complete interior.. it is a major undertaking and it can disrupt your daily routines. So we try minimize the inconvenience by being organized, communicating clearly with you, and by systematically painting your home to have the least amount of disturbance. The best Service in the Metro Region.

We have been licensed & Insured in Northern VA and Washington D.C. since 1995.

Our core painting service is both residential and commercial projects from small to very large. Our bid limit being $ 350,000 allows us to handle a great majority of projects.

Management companies that provide the necessary oversight of the particular community for the HOA members and for all owners of property in that community, We are the team of professionals you need for any of your property needs.

The painting process begins with careful preparation, including:

  1. De-glossing woodwork as needed,

  2. Putty and caulking as needed,

  3. Patching holes and cracks,

  4. Drywall or plaster repairs,

  5. Sanding and Taping off edges.

  6. The next step is painting the ceilings and then the walls using the paint of your choosing.

  7. Then we paint the baseboards and the doors in semi gloss enamel.

After we’ are through painting your home, we will;

remove protective coverings from your furniture and flooring,

clean up and move your furniture back in place,

we will review the work with you and ensure your satisfaction.

We would be happy to come by and explain more about our painting process and provide you with a Free Estimate.

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