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Shulton Tile Installation Service

We offer all types of tile installation in Northern VA, such as ceramic tile, porcelain, slate, marble and granite. We install tile flooring, bathrooms, shower pens, walls, kitchen backsplash and more.
We are very competitive with our installation prices. We work with every customer to achieve the best looking product and design. 

We will beat any quote from any professional tile installation company Guaranteed!


We install tile for your home or business to add beauty, value, and durability to your existing construction or new construction project. Our tile company offers custom tile design, tile installation, and tile repair. Not only do we do tile work, but we also do all types of remodel and repair for kitchens, bathrooms, living rooms, patios, and more. All of our craftsmen are experienced in all areas of tile installation. We also have certified contractors, master electricians, and master plumbers on staff for your convenience to take care of the rest of the job.

You pick the design and we'll do the rest!

Enter any attractive, well-designed kitchen and your attention - not surprisingly -will likely be drawn to the wall Backsplash design, Shulton tile services can  help you convert your boring kitchen wall space to an attention-grabber! your family and friends will be impressed by the professional wall designs and how a few hundred dollars turned your kitchen into a work of art! 

The tile installers in our company are experts in kitchen backsplash repairs and kitchen backsplash installations. We can add the natural look of marble, stone, brick, or even opt for a contemporary kitchen backsplash with ceramic tile. Whatever the design or the layout is, we will complete the proper and clean installation of your kitchen backsplash in a timely manner.

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